terça-feira, 7 de janeiro de 2014

FC Barcelona Training Session - Gerardo Martino (03/01/2014)


Gerardo Martino

1. Light Run around the field (1 lap):

2. General Activation:
Players make several movements in a 6 meter space (arms rotation; body rotation; adductors rotation; skipping; kicks; lateral movements; diagonal movements; 2 feet jumps and sprint).

3. Dynamic Stretch:
Players make the Dynamic Stretch for the following muscles: quadriceps, hamstring, adductors, gluteals and gastrocnemius.

4. "8x2 Rondo":
In two rectangles of 8x8 meters the players play a 1-Touch "8x2 Rondo".

5. Hydration:
The players have 2 minutes to hydration with water or sport drink.

6. Game Gk+9v9+Gk with 1 Offensive Supporter
Players divided in 2 teams of 10 players (1 Goalkeeper and 9 field players). The attacking team (team with the ball has a support of 1 neutral player, playing this way in numeric superiority). The players only can play 2-touch football (except the Wingers in attacking field that can play without restrictions). Every time the ball go out, the game initiates in the Goalkeeper of the team with the ball. Two parts of 10 minutes (with change of field - time to hydration).

7. Recovery
Players makes a light run around the field (1 lap).

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