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Rafael Benitez's Official Opposition Scout Report

Created by Xavi Valero (Chelsea FC 12/13 - First-Team Opposition Analyst) in Daily Mail (incomplete)

Competition: Barclays Premier League 12/13
Date: 09/12/2013
Game: Chelsea FC vs Wigan Athletic

General Observations:
  • Kone returning from African Cup of Nations and could feature (possible start); the danger man;
  • Team won't turn up and look to give us the initiative and play ten men behind the ball; they 'll turn up believing they can get a good result, as they've shown previously against top teams. Excellent team spirit has been shown over the years. Quick and alert at reacting to 2nd balls; transitions from this is Kone'smovement up the field.
  • Very poor defensively; good precise attacking play by us will expose their defense early on. They tend to push men forward, but are poor at defending counter attack's because they are outnumbered heavily.
  • Corners - Caldwell is the main threat and they will look to utilize him (refer to set piece sheet) - he starts on the penalty spot and continues his run in to the six yard box.
  • Substitutions can implicate a change of system; Jordi Gomez can come on (if he doesn't start) and play wide like he did in against Sunderland. Players in the bench acquire technical ability, such as Espinoza and Henriquez. Their pace and flair adds a new dimension to their game, already proven in previous matches. Maloney and Kone chase all lost balls and back passes (be wary).
  • Emerson Boyce is doubtful due to a hamstring problem, but could still feature David Jones however is 100% match fit and will most likely feature.
Individual Assessment:
  • Al Habsi - Good goalkeeper and an excellent shot stopper; can be inconsistent when claiming crosses and finds it difficult when being challenged by a striker. Attackers can benefit if they challenge him.
  • Caldwell - A captain and a good organizer. Can get caught out by ball watching and when facing someone with real pace. Often commits fouls when he is on the wrong side of his marker. Offensive set pieces are mainly aimed at him; rash when it comes to tackling. He's good in the air, but very slow when turning (run at him!).
  • Figueroa - Left back who has been converted in to a center-back. Has a good left foot and only scores spectacular goals (anticipate long shots). His uncertainty in this role is evident as he tends to play like a fullback and progress forward a lot, leaving space in behind and exposes his defense.
  • Boyce - Flourished now he has a more attacking role than an average center-back. He's not afraid to go forward and can cause the opposition problems, but like Figueroa can get caught out.
  • Stam - Similar to Boyce, likes to try and get in behind the oppositions, and has the ability to go up and down the flanks. Good crossing ability, but very weak on his right foot (always get him on his right foot - leading to him playing a simple pass inside).
  • David Jones - A defensive minded midfielder who has composure on the ball and intelligence to slow the game down if needed in order to prevent attacks by the opposition.
  • McCarthy - Good young central midfielder who is excelling at Wigan due to lots of game time. Excels at maintaining possession and build up play, but lacks ability in final third. Two footed player who always give his teammates an option. He's in a position which requires a decent level of tackling, which is one flaw in his game; don't be afraid to run at him. Overall, a player with real potential and flourishes when playing alongside McArthur.
  • McArthur - Similar to McCarthy, good when it comes to build up play and tends to go forward more. Good organizational play but doesn't contain a decent amount of defensive ability (same as McCarthy when it comes to challenging for the ball).
  • ...
Expected Line-Up:

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